How can Pinstone help clients navigate benefits of Artificial Intelligence and avoid potential pitfalls?

Understanding artificial intelligence (AI) is important, regardless of what industry you work in, but the PR and marketing industry has been quoted as ‘sleep walking’ into AI since tools such as ChatGPT 4 went live earlier in the year.

Pinstone has worked with digital experts to  assess how this major technological development will affect the communications industry we operate in and whether it’s our Friend or Foe.

To share our learnings and host a panel of experts, we have created an unmissable networking event in Birmingham in September to show how communications professionals can help organisations cut-through the noise created by AI in the online space.

Entitled ‘AI: Friend or Foe’, this ‘in real life’ event is a way for us to help the organisations we work with learn how forward-thinking agencies like us are approaching the adoption of new technologies and how it can help businesses thrive.

Who is the event for?

Our event is an exclusive opportunity to network with like-minded individuals in the farming, environmental and food land-based sectors, and learn about advances in the world of communications with AI before a three-course buffet lunch and refreshments.

Who are our AI experts?

The day will kick off with a panel discussion from the below industry experts and will be followed with a Q and A session for attendees.

How can I join?

To find out how to join our event and learn everything you need to know and hear from comms and digital experts about the power of generative AI in our industry, email to find out about limited spaces.

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