In conversation with Veg Power

The Agri Food Comms-Cast (AFCC) unpicks the marketing and communications stories behind the issues facing the food and farming sector.

In this episode, we explore a campaign that’s promoting one of the most ambitious and important initiatives we’ve covered to date on this podcast, and how it’s been so successful in getting children to eat their vegetables.

Our host, Catherine Linch, speaks to Dan Parker, the founder of the Veg Power initiative, about how his celebrity-endorsed campaign has transitioned from a charitable, low-key concept to a huge commercial success and why it’s changing the attitudes of the next generation in how they view and consume vegetables.

We also welcome back Jack Ward from the British Growers Association, who featured on our very first AFCC episode. He explains what enticed him to get involved with the Veg Power initiative in its early stages, how it’s evolved over the last two years and why it’s been so effective in helping to change the face of British horticulture in the most positive way.

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