In conversation with Meat Business Women

The Agri Food Comms-Cast (AFCC) delves into the current issues in the food and farming sectors, taking a marketing and communications viewpoint on the campaigns and initiatives that our guests that work in the industry are most passionate about.

In episode 13, Catherine Linch and Hannah Lloyd explore gender representation in the meat industry while speaking with female networking group Meat Business Women founder, Laura Ryan.

A new report launched this month by Meat Business Women, ‘Inspire, Network, Grow: Gender Representation in the Meat Sector 2020‘, outlines how women are represented in the meat processing sector and what the enablers and barriers are to women who are working, or want to work, in the industry.

The key findings indicate that 36% of people working in the meat industry are female, with 14% in senior roles and just 5% at chief executive level.

Laura explains how and why this research was collected on a global scale. And with the findings communicated via a detailed report, virtual events, website and social media, they will serve as a platform for discussion and catalyst for change to create more opportunities for women in the meat processing sector.

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In conversation with Meat Business Women

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