Getting engagement on the wellbeing issue

Catherine Linch explores how two projects targeting producers at the coalface of food production have gone about getting traction and a real buzz around this vitally important topic.

Alicia Chivers and Suzy Deeley of leading farming sector charity RABI discuss their ambitious Big Farming Survey. Despite being told ‘it couldn’t be done’, they have rejected the naysayers and gone ahead with a mammoth research project looking to get a survey response from thousands of farmers.

The goal is to provide evidence of the significant and complex challenges farmers and producers are facing today.

Using trusted peer to peer networks across the breadth of the sector has proved a tremendously successful route to both outreach and engagement.

We also talk to Sheena Horner and Emma Picton-Jones of #Run1000 that became a competitive and community spirited race between the British nations and a team representing ‘the rest of the world’. It achieved trending status on social media and provided a much needed mental health boost for those who got involved in January while also raising funds for five mental health charities.

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Getting engagement on the wellbeing issue

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