Communicating the net zero message

The Agri Food Comms-Cast (AFCC) unpicks the marketing and communications stories behind the issues facing the food and farming sector.

Episode 17 explores the communications challenge behind the massive global issue of transitioning the livestock sector to net zero.

Lyndsay Chapman, CEO of the Centre for Innovation Excellence in Livestock (CIEL), introduces their new, independent industry report: Net Zero Carbon & UK Livestock.

Providing a summary of known research and science on what’s understood about the topic of net zero in livestock systems, it delivers an unbiased baseline position for retailers, processors, governments and NGOs to talk from.

Rob Hues, agriculture, aquaculture and fisheries manager at Waitrose joins the discussion having recently been part of the retailer’s roll out to their farms that laid down the gauntlet of reaching net zero on all its UK farms by 2035.

He concurred that CIEL’s report is a practical framework that will be invaluable to the industry and support positive dialogue and a change in practices.

The pair agree that communicating the practical steps to net zero is a major challenge, but one that shouldn’t be held back by finding a uniform means of measuring the carbon footprint of any one particular farm system.

It’s anticipated that sharing progress of the journey to net zero, even where a diversity of carbon footprinting tools are employed,  will encourage others to follow.

Both Lyndsay and Rob agree that the farming community shouldn’t wait for the perfect tools for measuring net zero progress; far better to choose a system and make positive progress, even if the comparisons cannot yet be accurately compared and contrasted to farms using other measurement criteria.

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Communicating the net zero message

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