Hannah Lloyd

Associate Director

Heading up a portfolio of clients that spans the agricultural and supply chain industry, I drive their strategies with creative thinking and have a flair for out of the box ideas ensuring we deliver cutting edge communication campaigns.

My proudest achievement is working with the team to create an ingenious peer-to-peer communications concept that we’ve delivered as a long-term, successful campaign that is still delivering tangible results and growing.

With extremely strong agricultural roots and a flair for communications, I’m extremely passionate about representing our clients. Delivering great PR and comms campaigns that resonate and make a difference is what gets me out of bed in the morning… along with my twins!

Hailing from a pig farm, and married to a mixed livestock farmer, I live and breathe the industry, and I’m motivated to help the sector overcome the challenges it is so often faced with.

As a committed (now ex) Shropshire Young Farmer who has given it all a go and been to some amazing places, I’m an advocate of encouraging the team to ‘have a go and get stuck in’. I believe it really is true - you get out what you put in - and never is that truer than at Pinstone

Hannah Lloyd

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