Bees Knees Comms-Cast – Advancing sustainability through communication with Suez

Explore how Suez is redefining waste management with sustainability and engagement at its core, on the Bees Knees Comms-Cast.

Pioneering sustainable waste management

In the dynamic world of waste management, sustainability is not just necessary but an opportunity for innovation. Dr Adam Reed, a veteran with three decades in the field, recently offered insights on the second episode of the Bees Knees podcast, speaking to Catherine Linch about how Suez is adapting and thriving by embedding sustainability at its core.

Innovating for a sustainable future

As a leader at waste management company Suez, that serves 20-25% of UK households, Adam is spearheading consumer and industry engagement to reverse traditional attitudes to household waste through a robust approach to communications and public engagement. Adam describes forward-thinking approaches that prioritise sustainability and that have not only raised awareness, but that have delivered measurable behavioural change.

Innovation and customer-centric solutions, such as personalised services like customisable bin colours and collection frequencies, are techniques that have delivered. As Adam explains, good communication isn’t just about broadcasting their efforts; it’s about meaningfully engaging with the community and stakeholders to foster a deeper understanding and support for their initiatives.

Strategic sustainability and engaging audiences

Suez has transformed its communication strategy to be highly customer-centric. Understanding the need to communicate effectively with stakeholders has proved critical to encouraging a higher level of recycling and even re-use. As anyone in comms knows, having a strong consistent message and frequently reinforced message, is an essential part of changing behaviour.

Suez have switched from 95% of waste going to landfill in 1995, to just 5% today – enhancing their recycling infrastructure and energy recovery processes. Adam explained that their proactive approach underlines a commitment to shaping a sustainable future and to engaging not only local communities but industry counterparts, policymakers and NGOs.

Redefining waste management through thought leadership

Suez’s approach to public relations is holistic. They utilise a mix of media outreach, social engagement, and community programmes to communicate their sustainability efforts transparently to their customers.

Adam emphasised the importance of being visible in the media to build trust and accountability. By showcasing their innovations and the tangible benefits of their services, Suez strengthens its brand as an environmentally responsible leader in its industry.

In fact, Suez’s leadership in waste management demonstrates that as a ‘triple bottom-line business’, sustainability extends well beyond compliance to become a core business driver across social, environmental and financial facets .

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