Empowering Women in PR and Marketing at Pinstone

As we celebrate International Women’s Day, Catherine Linch reflects on the journey we’ve undertaken at Pinstone, a leading PR and marketing consultancy specialising in the food, farming and environment sectors.

Not only have we witnessed remarkable growth in our business, but we’ve also made significant strides in fostering an inclusive and empowering environment for all individuals, with women making a huge contribution. This is often contrasted with the gender imbalance in the sectors we work in.

Pinstone operates in the dynamic realm of public relations and marketing, where creativity, innovation, and strategic thinking reign supreme. While the PR and marketing sector has historically boasted a balanced or even predominantly female workforce, challenges such as gender equality, inclusion and equitable representation persist.

Working in a male dominated client sector

It’s noteworthy that Pinstone’s sector client base is typically more male-dominated, particularly in food supply and farming. Recognising this disparity, we’ve taken proactive steps to address the imbalance and support gender diversity within these industries.

One such initiative is to sponsor and partner with Meat Business Women, a global, UN-recognised organisation dedicated to empowering women and driving positive change in the meat industry.

Our team has at times felt the full force of the cultural business differences between our Pinstone ethos and those of women working in under-represented industries or businesses where there isn’t such a supportive inclusive culture – such as feeling unable to speak-up in meetings or not having an equal voice.

As the Managing Director of Pinstone, I take immense pride in Pinstone’s accomplishments, including the composition of our board of directors, where four out of five board members are women. This underscores our commitment to recognising talent and potential irrespective of gender..

The Pinstone culture

At Pinstone, our ethos revolves around providing equal opportunities for everyone. This includes accommodating flexible working where possible or adjusting work hours to accommodate caring responsibilities or embracing hybrid work options. Our goal is to pair a commercial and driven business culture with a supportive environment where every individual can thrive.

Having experienced the challenges of balancing work and family commitments first-hand, and in leading the business to achieve the accolade of B Corp status in 2023, I understand the importance of taking a holistic view of what business success means.

Our policies and initiatives are designed to support employees in striving to ‘be the best they can be’, and achieve work-life balance, even where agency life isn’t always conducive.

The benefits of cultivating an inclusive workplace extend far beyond gender equality. We witness loyalty, positivity, and a willingness to go the extra mile among our team members. When individuals feel valued and supported, they are more inclined to deliver their best work, driving success for our company and our clients alike.

However, our journey is not complete – we remain steadfast in our commitment to creating opportunities for all at every level. Through our training and mentoring and leadership development initiatives, we are committed to a culture of continuous learning, aiming to empower every woman at Pinstone to realise her full potential.

As we celebrate International Women’s Day, let’s fly the flag for some of the skills sets that studies have shown women to excel in. Communication, collaboration, empathy, and multitasking for example—all of which are invaluable skills in PR and marketing.

By embracing and leveraging these strengths, we not only enhance our team dynamics but also drive innovation and creativity, harnessing the full potential of every individual, regardless of gender, as we strive for excellence in our industry.

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