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When given the chance to add a professional PR qualification to all that I’ve learned working in the role of an executive in a leading agricultural PR agency, I grabbed the opportunity with both hands and have never looked back.

Studying agriculture at Harper Adams University and growing up on a farm means that I already had extensive agricultural knowledge.  Since joining Pinstone as a graduate, I’ve learnt my PR and communication skills ‘on the job’. It’s been a fantastic opportunity and I’ve learnt so much already. However, it’s important to step back and look at areas where you can improve, so that you can continue to grow and progress within your role.

Being the kind of person that always wants a challenge, I put myself forward for the PRCA PR certificate. This qualification is ideal for where I am in my career and has enabled me to develop my skills further.

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I’m currently two-thirds of the way through the course and to date I’ve learnt several new skills, as well as building on existing knowledge.

Undertaking an external course has helped me to look at things from a different perspective. I’ve learnt valuable tools and techniques that are applicable to my role at Pinstone.

Key learnings to date:

  • Identifying new and different strategic models for PR campaigns such as Gregory’s Framework
  • Incorporating SMART objectives into day-to-day work routines and strategy documents from the outset
  • Appreciating the different tools and channels most appropriate to specific target audiences
  • How utilising influencers can strengthen a PR campaign, especially on social media as they can do some of the hard work for you
  • Taking an integrated approach to digital comms and branching out across a broad spectrum of channels

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The training has helped me to build on the theory behind some of the concepts we utilise at Pinstone and I’ve been able to directly apply many of these new skills into my day-to-day role.

The training has also increased my confidence. I now regularly put my ideas forward when developing strategies internally. It’s also given me access to resources that have helped me to pull together strategic documents independently.

The training has also helped me to think outside the box particularly during client meetings, as well as not being afraid to challenge the rest of the team on our clients’ objectives.

I’m sure this additional training will play a key role in helping me progress and I’m grateful to have had the support from Pinstone to have undertaken this qualification.

I strongly encourage other people to take up these kind of opportunities and get the most out of them, as personal development is so important.

Hard work always pays off and I’m extremely passionate about the agricultural industry and feel this additional training could play a key role in allowing me to do the best job possible.

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