Pinstone buzzing for Kenyan B Corp adventure

We are proud to share our extended support to farming communities suffering from conflict with wildlife in the South Rift Valley in Kenya.

Giving back to the planet

Having achieved B Corp status this year, the agency has committed to giving back to people and planet as one of only 1,500 certified companies in the UK.

One aspect of Pinstone’s sustainability mission is to donate and personally deliver an innovative ‘bee fence’ solution to a Kenyan farming community on 21 October 2023.

Our managing director and founder of Pinstone, Catherine Linch says: “We already instil the mantra of being the ‘Bees’ knees’ in the business, to encourage the team to be the best we can be.

“Whether that’s by reducing our environmental impact through more sustainability focused operations or committing to 52 hours of training per staff member, per year.”

“Our 26-strong team are all members of at least one focus group (or ‘beehive’) – people, planet or purpose – to contribute towards our ongoing B Corp journey.

“A key the purpose of the ‘beehive’s’ included spearheading our charitable giving, both locally and globally”.

Are bees the answer?

The main section of the trip involves the donation of an innovative fencing solution that uses beehives to deter elephants from entering farmland. This ensures crops remain untrampled and local farmers can sustain their livelihoods.

“By donating a bee fence, we’re delighted to contribute a creative solution that works to protect farming livelihoods in Sub-Saharan Africa and one of the world’s most endangered species, which also aligns with our core B Corp and business values, and agricultural roots,” says Catherine.

“The ‘bee fence’ is highly effective as elephants instinctively hate bees. When they approach crops protected by the bee fence, they will knock into the beehives, causing the bees to swarm and the elephants to flee in the opposite direction,” explains Catherine.

Supporting fairness
Pinstone senior account executive, Kate Hepplewhite will join Catherine on the trip to deliver the bee fence.

As part of the trip, the pair will also visit a collective of Maasai women who support their families by creating traditional beaded jewellery.

“As a female-led team, we understand the importance a woman’s salary can play in the stability of family life. Especially on-farm where diversification and multiple incomes are often critical to keep families and enterprises thriving,” says Catherine.

“Kate and I are delighted to represent Pinstone by embarking on this B Corp inspired adventure, while contributing positively to the farming community in Kenya’s South Rift Valley and witnessing its farmland, people and wildlife working together.”

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