Great British Beef Week 2023 – why we’re proud to support it

This week – 23-30 April 2023 – we’re celebrating Great British Beef Week and all the hard-working and dedicated farmers, butchers, processors and retailers involved in producing tasty, high-quality British beef.

Now in its 13th year, Great British Beef Week is the brainchild of Ladies in Beef – an organisation of female British beef farmers who care passionately about the industry.

This year’s week-long celebration of beef is calling on people to enjoy ‘naturally delicious’ British beef in its many forms, including the iconic Sunday roast.

Here are three reasons why we’re proud to support Great British Beef Week 2023:

1. Farming is in our blood

The Pinstone team is passionate about farming and several members of our team, myself included, live on British beef farms.

I personally love watching calves being born and seeing them go on to thrive at my husband’s farm in Angus.

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My colleague Laura Yates, who regularly helps out on her family’s farm near Bridgnorth in Shropshire, is equally passionate about the British beef industry.

She says: “I’m proud to be one of many generations of beef farmers nurturing high-quality, high-welfare meat for our food chain.

“Beef often gets a grilling (in more ways than one!) about its environmental impacts and I’m super passionate about telling the true story for consumers.”

Laura Yates

2. British beef is sustainable and tasty

British beef is among the most sustainable in the world and our farmers are working towards becoming carbon neutral by 2040.

Whether it’s adopting rotational grazing practices, using novel feed additives to reduce the methane emissions from cattle or breeding more efficient animals – British beef farmers are doing all they can to be sustainable.

According to Ladies in Beef, some of the impressive environmental efforts made my British farmers include:

  • Increasing woodland plantings on British farms in the past 40 years to an area the equivalent to four times the size of Greater London
  • Providing a whopping 16,000 hectares of wildflowers to support bees

And let’s not forget how tasty British beef is – as this year’s campaign says, with plenty of grass and rain, Britain’s climate produces beef that’s naturally delicious.

Gemma Mackie

3. Great British Beef Week supports a great cause

As well as promoting a great industry and a tasty product, Great British Beef Week organisers are raising money for a worthy cause.

Ladies in Beef is asking those who support this week’s campaign to make a donation to rural charity RABI.

Since getting involved with the campaign, RABI – which is one of our clients and provides support to the farming community across England and Wales – has organised more than 50 beef week events, raising £90,000 for farming people in need of support.

Donations can be made on the RABI JustGiving page.

Listen to our podcast episode, Championing British beef, to learn more about Great British Beef Week from Ladies in Beef co-founder, Jilly Greed.

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