Awards deliver tangible business benefits

As the deadline for entries to the British Farming Awards 2020 draws nearer, our podcast host Catherine interviewed Ben Briggs, editor of Farmers Guardian. Ben spoke about the decision to transfer this year’s awards ceremony into the digital sphere.

Organised by Farmers Guardian’s parent company, AgriBriefing, October’s ceremony will be hosted online for the first time due to the current uncertainties. Ben acknowledged the considerable effort that has gone into building the profile of the awards over the past eight years. Widely recognised as the pinnacle of achievement in the farming sector, Ben was keen to stress the importance of maintaining the momentum the awards have developed.

Rather than postpone or cancel this year’s event, he highlighted the beneficial commercial outcomes of finding a new platform to promote all those associated with the British Farming Awards – from their headline sponsor, Morrisons, to each of the individual category winners.

Whatever external challenges we face, Ben believes it is more important than ever to celebrate the best of British agriculture. He says

“It is vital that businesses receive the publicity and exposure they deserve.”

Whatever situation we find ourselves in come October, one thing is certain, we’re seeing a real sea change in the acceptance of the validity of digital tools within the industry. Technology can be utilised in exciting and innovative ways to maintain a brand’s integrity and presence when face to face interaction is not an option. With a little careful planning, we can all reap the benefits.

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