PR strategy & consultancy

Delivering the right message, to the right audience, using the right channels

A strategic approach

The best PR comes from a communication strategy that’s rooted in a firm understanding of the audience and the market environment.

Informed strategy

Taking a consultative approach and intelligence from market research or other metrics, we add knowledge of the audience and market to develop a communications strategy. This shapes our creative thinking and the formulation of a robust PR plan.

Know your audience

A target audience isn’t always easy to define. In our specialist arena, we understand that rural communities are hugely diverse, and we’ll orientate a campaign to access the different demographics of the countryside or the farming industry and their related stakeholders.

Know your brand

Getting under the skin of our clients and possessing a strong brand awareness ensures we’re in-tune with your organisation, how you think and what makes you tick. This helps ensure our recommendations always hit the mark.

Pick the right channels

Audiences can be wide ranging, extending from peer-to-peer level, professional advisers, business people or industry and advisory bodies. Understanding the on-line and off-line channels they engage with and how to get the best out of them informs the strategy.

Tap into the issue

Some of the most compelling PR taps into the impactful issues of the day. Because we understand the challenges, passions, political landscape and complexities of the rural sector, we can advise on how best to create a platform and become a credible voice.

Measuring success

A strategic approach cannot be complete without review and evaluation. We draw on a wealth of metrics to measure a campaign’s success against the original objectives and use it to inform future work.


We’ve looked to the Pinstone team to drive the campaign, to set the strategy and the messaging and the level of reporting and client-agency interaction is second to none.


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