Direct marketing

A focused approach for the engaged audience

Impact via direct channels

It’s an excellent sales tool, but also serves as another component of the PR and marketing mix. The impact will depend on the type of organisation and who you’re reaching out to, as well as the level of brand loyalty and the quality of the content.

Know when direct works

Social media and the extensive digital landscape, along with the advent of clever email filters and GDPR has diminished the dominance of direct marketing. But for the truly engaged or brand loyal fan, it remains an important channel.

Managing a campaign

Our role in direct marketing works best when it’s an integrated part of a wider PR and marketing campaign. We know the messages, what will resonate most with the audience and can work with existing content and integrate with other platforms to maximise results. We’re also equipped to handle all the logistics and ensure ongoing GDPR compliance.

Creative direct mail

Creativity in direct marketing is another reason to come to us. A carefully thought-out item or personalised gift delivered by post has a huge novelty factor in today’s digital landscape and can be highly effective in raising a smile, stimulating a response and cementing brand loyalty.

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