In conversation with Farmers Weekly

In episode nine, we chat to Philip Case, news editor at Farmers Weekly to discuss their recent social media campaign to stimulate public support for farmers.

The #feedthenation campaign has taken the industry by storm over the last few months as the pandemic focused all our minds on the importance of feeding our families well. Having more time to prepare meals from scratch meant we took the time to consider the origin of what we eat.

The hashtag received engagement from across the supply chain and beyond and demonstrates with support from retailers, processors and government bodies and from farmers themselves.

Being a traditional trade, B2B publication, we explore how Farmers Weekly has adapted to champion consumer messages, reaching a new audience and backing the British food and farming supply chain.

The Agri Food Comms-Cast, coined the ‘AFCC’, delves into the ‘story behind the story’ of PR and marketing campaigns surrounding the UK food and farming industry.

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