Our history

Founded in 1999, Pinstone has grown over the last 20 years to become an award-winning PR & communications agency, based just outside of Leominster.

1999 – Pinstone’s namesake

Pinstone is named after the country lane where Pinstone’s founder Catherine Linch lived when she first set up home in the countryside and embarked on her PR career. It was also on ‘Pinstones lane’ where Catherine and husband-to-be Robin endeavoured on their first and ambitious barn conversion project (while living in a tiny caravan). This took the duo into a decade of property development, that was only fully succeeded by their PR and marketing firm in 2010.

Pinstone Sign
Catherine & Robin Linch

2005 – Pinstone is founded

Catherine set-up Pinstone in 2005 following the closure of her former employer, the Shropshire-based Town and Country PR. Keen to prove that career and countryside are not mutually exclusive, Catherine took the leap into self-employment and Pinstone Communications Ltd came into being. Her first clients were a horticultural company, a pest control business and the industry body AHDB, that continued to feature ‘on the books’ for the next 15 years.

2007 – Off-plan office

Through recommendation and referral, Pinstone’s growth quickly came to require a team of people and a more permanent home. Having already moved from the spare room, to a temporary place of work in one of the barn conversions, the couple finally decided that they’d endeavour on an off-plan purchase of a commercial property on the local Enterprise Park, just outside Leominster.

Pinstone Office 2005
Pinstone team

2010 – Family business grows

With the expansion of ‘family Linch’ in 2010 came the impetus to create a truly sustainable business with the systems to underpin the growing team of consultants. As the property development era came to an end, Robin joined Pinstone and introduced accountancy and workflow software. Margot Raggett came on board as our business mentor in 2013 and provided fresh direction based on her years’ of top level, London agency expertise. This coincided with three of the current four senior team members joining between 2010 and 2015.

2017 – Expanding into next door

The team had outgrown the premises so the opportunity to take on the adjacent building was seized and we literally ‘knocked through’ the dividing wall to double our office space overnight. Incorporating a reception area for our newly appointed PA and office manager, we also gained three new meeting areas and gave the entire space a facelift to reflect the new look ‘brand Pinstone’.

Pinstone Office
Pinstone RBA Awards 2018

2019 – PR Award winners

Having been so successful in growing the business through recommendation and referral, very little time had been dedicated to our own PR. It came as quite a shock when our first ever award entry won us ‘Renewables Creative Agency’. This was followed only months later when we were awarded the highest accolade of PR Award winners at the VMAs (Veterinary Marketing Awards). We’ve never looked back!