Why your green sustainability communications need the B Corp agency touch

Find out how to communicate the ways your business is a force for good

When it comes to sustainable business, the distinction of being a Certified B Corporation (B Corp) is one of the ways to stand out as an organisation that’s committed to not only generating profit, but also to contributing positively to people and planet.

As sustainability initiatives and a focus on ESG gain traction nationally and globally, partnering with the right PR and marketing agency who is demonstrably aligned on sustainability offers a compelling advantage.

If you are striving to communicate how your business is a force for good, choosing a B Corp certified PR and marketing agency makes sense for these reasons:

  1. Aligned values and authenticity

Pinstone operates by ensuring your PR and marketing narrative is authentic and crafted with your stakeholders and audience in mind.

We consider the industry landscape, and the key pillars of sustainability – environmental, social and economic – aligning closely with the values of brands focused on making a difference in the sectors they operate in.

Our alignment ensures that your communications are not only handled with expertise but are also approached with sensitivity and understanding of the opportunities and challenges facing your business.

The authenticity that comes from this careful consideration and alignment resonates deeply with audiences and end users, who are becoming increasingly conscious about the eco-credentials of the brands and businesses they support.

See Pinstone’s sustainability credentials and business commitments here Bees Knees – Pinstone

  1. A comprehensive approach to sustainability

Unlike traditional businesses, B Corp certified communications agencies are evaluated on stringent standards across five key areas; governance, workers, environment, community and customers.

This comprehensive approach to sustainability and doing business the right way means that your communications strategies will be designed with a holistic view, considering the environmental impact, social equity, and governance issues. This in turn enhances the credibility and impact of your sustainability stories, ensuring the narratives land.

Listen to The Bees’ Knee Comms Cast – A Pinstone Production to hear from people, brands and businesses that are using authentic communications to tell their sustainability stories.

  1. Innovative and ethical storytelling

With a deep-rooted commitment to positive change paired with our specialism across the food, farming and environmental sectors, Pinstone as an award-winning B Corp agency is at the forefront of innovative communications strategies, that not only highlight green initiatives and a company’s ambitions but do so ethically and creatively.

We are skilled in crafting stories based on technical content, that stand out and inspire action, ensuring that your sustainability efforts are communicated in a way that captivates and motivates.

Read about Six ways to communicate your brand’s sustainability stories – Pinstone here.

  1. Building trust with audiences

Trust is a crucial currency in today’s market, especially regarding environmental claims, which are often met with scepticism.

You want to ensure your agency partners and suppliers lend additional credibility to your brand, and B Corp – as part of a globally recognised network which is committed to rigorous standards – does just that.

This association can enhance media trust in your business and its brands, knowing that your communications are handled by an agency that walks the talk on sustainability.

  1. Navigating legislation and The Green Claims Code

As regulations around environmental claims tighten and stakeholders expectations for corporate responsibility grow, partnering with an agency that understands this can help future-proof your brand.

Pinstone are adept at navigating the evolving landscape of sustainability, ensuring that your communications are not only compliant with current standards but also anticipate future trends and regulations.

The UK’s Green Claims Code has been introduced to combat misleading environmental claims. It mandates that businesses provide clear, accurate, and substantiated information about their products’ environmental impacts.

For B2B organisations, this means a rigorous examination of any claims, sustainability ambitions or initiatives and ensuring they are backed by evidence.

Transparency and accuracy within technical B2B communications is key as failure to comply could lead to reputational damage and legal repercussions.

The Green Claims Code headlines to consider:

  1. Are your claims truthful and accurate?
  2. Are your claims clear and unambiguous?
  3. Do your claims omit or hide important information?
  4. Do your claims only make fair and meaningful comparison?
  5. Have you substantiated your claims?
  6. Do your claims consider the full lifecycle of a product/ service


6. Measurable impact and reporting

B Corp certification requires organisations to meet continuous improvement metrics, across all aspects of business which translates into an annual focus on measurable impact for your sustainability communications.

As a B Corp PR and marketing agency, Pinstone can help you comprehensively report on sustainability ambitions, actions and progress, providing transparent and verifiable evidence of your environmental and social contributions.

See Pinstone’s latest impact report here Pinstone B Corp Report


Choosing to work with a B Corp certified agency for your green communications is not just a strategic business decision; it’s a statement of your organisation’s commitment to genuine sustainability and progress.

With aligned values, authentic storytelling, and a comprehensive approach to making a positive impact, we can elevate your sustainability narrative, build trust with your stakeholders, and ensure that your achievements are communicated with the credibility and impact they deserve.

Let’s connect and explore the possibilities together – Contact Us – Pinstone

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