Robin Linch

Finance Director

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My role is probably best summed-up as one of driving the business forward by continually challenging the status-quo and introducing the latest PR agency tools.

We have undergone significant growth in the course of the last decade and part of that success has been in the opportunity to give our team access to new ways of doing their jobs better.

I love nothing better than spending time exploring how new systems and technology can support the business in becoming more responsive, more transparent, more efficient or more accountable. While this business development role is very much ‘behind the scenes’, it’s something that our clients recognise the benefits of as the team is rightly challenged to stay one step ahead in every aspect of their service.

My position also involves heading up accounts and overseeing its smooth financial running as well as being responsible for all legal and contractual matters. I’m incredibly proud to have played a central role in the agency’s development from a micro business to a sustainable and leading small business enterprise.

Outside of Pinstone, I’m keen on country sports and love to travel to destinations of dramatic scenery. I’m also a keen foodie and always enjoy seeking out the very best eateries or creating new dishes at home.

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