The Bees’ Knees

We have exciting agency news as we at Pinstone embark on our own ambitious journey to achieve B-Corp accreditation to do our bit to give back to people and planet.

Through the rigorous process, we will be measured on our environmental and social impact, as well as legally committing as a business to change our corporate governance structure to ensure accountability.

There are currently just 600 businesses certified B-Corp in the UK – and 4,500 worldwide – with no organisation having yet achieved the accreditation in Herefordshire where we are based.

The principles behind B-Corp are very much in line with how we’ve run Pinstone from the outset, and it reflects the cornerstone of our culture – always striving to be the ‘best we can be’.

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The Bees' Knees

It’s summed up in our internal initiative ‘being the bees’ knees’, that incorporates everything from our investment in our people and professional development, through to giving back to the environment and the industry we are rooted in. Caring for our people and the planet is, and always has been, a key facet of what we do.

We have set-up 10 commercial bee hives and planted a wildflower mix over seven acres that’s within a 37 acre commercial apple orchard as part of our environmental endeavours.

It’s also pertinent to mention that we have committed to the Better Business Act alongside 1,000 other business leaders. I was joined by my husband and fellow company director Robin Linch on ‘Better Business Day’ in London on Wednesday 20th of April, to lobby Parliament, in support of changing business law to mean all businesses should to be run in the interests of its stakeholders, not just shareholders. We also met with and have written to Herefordshire MP Bill Wiggins to make the case.


The latest episode of Pinstone’s podcast, The Agri-Food Comms Cast, features the role of businesses in serving ‘people and planet’, talking to Hannah Cox, of Sustainability Impact Agency ‘Better Not Stop’ and Carmen O’Neal, founder of B-Corp certified gin producers 58 and Co Ltd. So, if you’re interested to learn more about what being a B-Corp business means and the process ahead of us, please do take a listen.

And if you have any feedback on the podcast, ideas for future episodes or if you want to reach out, I’m always happy to pick-up. My direct email is

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