BASIS award success

Pinstone’s Rebecca Beaumont reports on her recent success in achieving the BASIS Foundation Award in Agronomy from Harper Adams

Becoming immersed in a client’s area of business means understanding the technical aspects, the market environment and the landscape of industry players. Blend this knowledge with the proven expertise of a PR and communications agency and you’ve got the key ingredients for a PR campaign that hits the mark in its appeal to the target audience and that’s pitched at exactly the right level.

As specialists in the rural sector, the particular needs of clients linked to commercial crop production led to an assessment of how our PR business could enhance the specialist knowledge within one of our teams. The relevance for clients ranges from water companies through to industry associations and crop protection communities seeking to persuade the farming sector of the benefits of vital stewardship practices.

Here’s what Pinstone’s Rebecca Beaumont reported to be the PR relevance of her recent success in achieving the BASIS Foundation Award in Agronomy from the leading agricultural university, Harper Adams:

  • Hands-on learning – there were numerous crop walks and lab sessions to help students visualise crop types, cultivation techniques, pests and diseases
  • In-depth arable knowledge – the course covered a wide range of crops and production systems to provide a broad understanding of UK arable production
  • Networking -There are a mix of people on the course, from industry, water catchment officers to supermarket employees, as well as farmers and budding advisers
  • Links and leads – the course trainers’ enthusiasm for agriculture was infectious and they were extremely supportive… definitely worth keeping in contact with for future campaigns
Rebecca Beaumont

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