Five steps to get on the Agri-food career ladder

At a recent CIM event at the Royal Agricultural University, Pinstone and other industry experts gave 5 top tips for getting a job in agriculture and food.

Responsible for employing over four million people, UK food and farming offers a diverse range of opportunities for students looking for employment in the sector. But, whether you’re a graduate, or just leaving sixth-form, with so many options, it’s difficult to know where to start.

At a recent CIM event held at the Royal Agricultural University, Pinstone, alongside other experts from the industry, gave five ‘top tips’ for getting a job in agriculture and food.

1 – Do your research

There are so many exciting opportunities in agriculture, including communications, so it is important read magazines and look online for information about the sector you want to work in. Understand who the key businesses are, and what they are talking about and the key issues that affect them. This research will not only help inform whether it is the right sector/company for you but will also be an invaluable conversation starter when you get in front of them.

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2 – Network and build connections

By getting yourself out and about at events, conferences and seminars you’re more likely to start building relationships with likeminded people in the industry, and hopefully, your
employer of choice. Once you’ve started a conversation with them, follow it up with an email and make a connection through LinkedIn – you never know when you might wish to get back in touch, or vice versa. Most events will also offer discounted places for students, so it really is worth the investment.

3 – Get work experience

Whether on the family farm, or through interning, use every opportunity possible to gain hands-on experience, which will bolster the theory gained during your studies. Being able to provide practical examples of your work will help a potential employer understand how you’ll react in a work place scenario.

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4 – Tailor your CV

There’s no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to your CV. Make sure you consider the job you
are applying for and fine tune your CV and cover letter to make your most relevant
experience stand out. Explain to your potential employer why you think you will be a good fit for the job and then use your experience to prove why.

5 – Think about your social media presence

Nearly every company will search for you on social media before you are invited for an
interview. Make sure your online profile represents you in the way you would want an
employer to see you. Update your profile picture if necessary and consider making your profiles private.

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