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Spearheading the issues that impact the environment and the rural sector which drive today’s news agenda.

Making a difference

Working in the environmental and rural sectors presents huge opportunities to create or join the conversation. Both areas offer a diverse range of ‘hot’ topics, providing clients with the chance to showcase thought-leadership and engage audiences.

With our headquarters based from the county with the sparest population in the UK, rural living is just ‘living’ as far as our team is concerned. We ‘get’ the issues rural people face, are tuned into their interests and differing attitudes and appreciate the limitations – but also the massive benefits and opportunities that living in the countryside offers our society.

Big issues

It could be water, habitat preservation, soil health, feeding the world, global warming, rural broadband or transport networks the list goes on. Issues-led, over product-led is one of our mantras and that couldn’t be more meaningful than for delivering effective PR for organisations operating in the environmental and rural sectors.

Experienced & responsive

Because we’re closely following the news agenda, our teams can act quickly to get a response out to the market, pounce on an opportunity or adapt a campaign message. Paired with experience of the rural arena, we’re skilled in understanding which organisations matter and where the key movers and shakers stand on the big issues; meaning we’ll make noise in the right places, that gets attention amongst those that count.


"I’m extremely grateful to the Pinstone team for their outstanding support and service."

Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institution

"We had a very positive brainstorming session with your team after our first equine focus group. This was my first opportunity to assess creativity and I was impressed."

MSD Animal Health

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