Agricultural PR

Bringing together first-class PR with the complexities of the agriculture sector

PR meets farming

We understand the unique, complex and dynamic nature of the farming industry. This includes all of its acronyms, organisations, associations and people. This is why we’re tuned into what makes a PR or public affairs campaign truly deliver.

farming knowledge

The diversity of the farming sector is a big part of its appeal. But, it can take on a language of its own once you dig a little deeper into aspects of animal health, crop protection, breeding and nutrition. We also have to consider the wealth of interacting factors, from the weather, soil type, legislation or stage of crop or animal development. We talk that language and live that world, providing the insight and specialist knowledge to inform and direct our campaigns.

agricultural contacts

Knowing who’s who and how the role they play could support an initiative is a key part of extending outreach, earning trust and credibility.

and breathe farming

Farming runs through the veins of a number of the team working on our agriculture client accounts. We’ve grown since the time it was almost a pre-requisite of being on the Pinstone team, but it’s still a core skill set we’re proud to offer. Our experience goes beyond an appreciation of the rural landscape. We have a grounded technical background, including aspects of commercial feeding regimes, cropping cycles and implications of the weather.

farming insight

Every client is different and for those with a more technical remit, we’ll make the commitment to understand the complexities, terminology and the scientific fundamentals that underpin the market and decision-making factors of the audiences. It’s a real challenge when the remit is to advance the knowledge of industry experts, but a challenge that we’re up for.


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Pinstone works with organisations that shape the living landscape, to increase their share of voice and reputationally position them as industry thought leaders. We do this by providing consultancy and a robust strategy across the whole communications mix to deliver meaningful results.

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