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As a PR agency, we naturally seek news and information online regularly. But until our team became reliant on digital access while working from home during lockdown, we took it for granted.

We quickly adapted to using Microsoft Teams to keep in touch and share news. It’s become our new favourite tool, particularly with its nostalgic MSN Messenger vibes (we wonder when there will be a *nudge* function available?).

It got us thinking, what tools do farmers use to stay in touch and up to date while working? A member of our team suggested a few farming forums.

Forums may be as old a concept as MSN Messenger, but they’re still an active form of online communication and important to farmers who experience self-isolation every day, regardless of a disease pandemic.

Our top three farming forums are:

1.      The Farming Forum

The Farming Forum has an active community of over 42,500 farmers and you can join conversations on a variety of agricultural matters and news topics.

2.     British Farming Forum

British Farming Forum has over 6,000 members and active threads on current news, whether agricultural, UK-wide or global, plus livestock, cropping and machinery advice.

3.     Forum4Farming

Forum4Farming has nearly 8,000 members across the UK and Ireland that discuss many topics including farm business, machinery and all sorts of non-agricultural subjects.

We hope you enjoy checking them out. Let us know your favourite on Twitter @PinstoneComms.

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