Inspiring moments from PRCA 2022

This week Catherine and Hannah attended the PRCA UK Conference 2022 in Westminster.

With so many thought provoking and inspirational speakers, we have handpicked a few of the moments that spoke to us the most and really resonated:

Haroon Mota

“You can’t be what you can’t see – I didn’t have roles models. I wanted to champion change through community, you can be the change you want to see.”

The Panel

Panel discussion on how to build a racially equitable culture in PR with Sudha Singh, Jinan Younis, Sheeraz Gulsher, and Jo Ogunleye;

“People need to feel their own personal experiences are validated.”

“It must be a consistent part of a company’s culture, not just for Black History Month.”

“People are becoming more comfortable with the uncomfortable. We need to hold ourselves accountable, increase the transparency and build a sense of community for all.”

“See how you can work with Taylor Bennett Foundation.”


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PRCA 2022 - Panel discussion

Mark Borkowski

“We’re in the age of blurred lines in comms, our time has come and the power of PR is recognised. We should be at the top table but we must get to the heart of a brand – what is their truth?”

“We understand people’s behaviours and take an anthropological view to understand a crowd. As curious and committed people, we can unlock the story.”

Rod Cartwright

Rod Cartwright chairing the panel on, The human imperative: putting human relationships (back) at the heart of Public Relations;

“It’s all about human needs, wants and values (beliefs) – how do we hardwire genuine human understanding of behaviours and relationships into ALL strategic communications?”

The Panel

Céline Schillinger, Kate Hartley, Shayoni Lynn FCIPR FPRCA CMPRCA, and Anna Salter;

“We need to increase empathy and build it into comms, start with really listening. Act, don’t just speak.”

“View everything through a human lens.”

“It’s very easy to slap a rainbow on everything during #pride month, but what we need is REAL action to build trust, not rainbow washing!”

PRCA 2022 - Panel discussion

Orla Graham MPRCA

“Stories are just data with a soul. Measure what matters.”

Farzana Baduel

“PR people have the skills to enter the boardroom.”

Panel discussion

Panel discussion on Brand activism and purposeful action with Jack Richards, Kamiqua Lake (nèe Pearce) FRSA, Sara Collinge, Amy Barber, and Sarah Waddington CBE;

“Businesses can’t afford not to do better! They can make money AND do good things.”

“Inaction is action!”

“The messenger is as important as the message.”

“Lending platforms to others is really powerful and creates social impact.”

John Brown

Closing out the conference was John Brown from Don’t Cry Wolf who wins the award for the most lively session despite being on last!

“Sticking feathers up your arse, does not make you a chicken. You can’t fix what you haven’t measured. You have the green light to get involved and bring about change. Make it personal, link it up. But make the journey inclusive and human!”

This last quote from John is so true;

“Invest in your knowledge.”

So much to take from the event and a lot to think about as we all move forwards in the industry. What a time to be in PR

PRCA 2022 - Coffee

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