Four great networking tips

I attended the Women in Food & Farming autumn networking evening recently and took away some great tips for networking, including…

1 – Preparation is key

If you’re attending an event soon, ask the organiser for a delegate list ahead of time so you can see who’s attending and do your homework. Set yourself objectives and plan your time.

2 – Don’t be afraid to say hello

In the first instance, approach groups of three or more people as it can be easier to get join in conversations with numerous people.

3 – Nail your elevator pitch

Answer these questions in this order to build an effective three-step elevator pitch:

  • Who benefits from what you do?
  • How does it benefit them?
  • What do you do?

4 – Make time to follow up

Connect on social media and email after the event. Use LinkedIn’s ‘nearby’ tool or your QR code to speed up building your LinkedIn network.

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