A year in social. Using shared content to deliver on KPIs

2021 was Pinstone’s biggest digital year yet and analysing our social media stats against industry averages is proving something to celebrate.

The last year saw our team take on the management of new accounts – creating and scheduling bespoke content and planning engaging campaigns.

Social media channels play a vital role in the comms mix as more and more information is consumed digitally. In the UK, we spend an average of 50 days a year staring at our smartphones.

It’s why shared content is one of the four cornerstones of our adopted PR approach, the PESO model, as developed by Gini Dietrich, founder, CEO and author of Spin Sucks. It is the model on which we hang our client comms strategies.

Every year, we review and refine our objectives and target goals and audiences for each of the organisations we support on social. Every social strategy is supported by KPI’s agreed at the outset, so we can effectively report progress and continue to adapt and respond to the ever-changing social media landscape.

Headline Pinstone benchmarking social media data*:

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Social media Impressions
  • Total impressions 9.5million

This indicates a solid brand presence in comparison to other industry sectors which averaged 3.2m impressions in 2021

Published posts
  • Published posts 7.9k

In the content generation stakes, Pinstone delivers favourably against an industry average of 1.2k

New followers
  • New followers 4.1k

Throughout the year we grew our follower counts almost doubling the industry average of 2.1k

Social media engagement
  • Total engagement 397.1k

This is the icing on the cake, as our engagement rate is more than triple the industry average of 119.2k and we all know engagement is the holy grail, converting impressions to actions

*Analytics from Sprout Social based on aggregate data pulled from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

How to make an impact on social

Every post matters, and generating genuine connections is all wrapped up in producing content that resonates with the right audiences. Securing higher engagement is our top priority and our number one KPI. We continue to strive to reach fresh audiences and raise brand awareness.

Let’s see how we measure up in 2022.

To speak to the team about your communications strategy email info@pinstone.co.uk

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