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Anyone else remember saying those immortal words; ‘that’s the last time I’ll ever take an exam’?

Many of us meant it and, in some cases, will have stayed true to that promise.

But thinking about the wider sentiment of never wanting to learn or be held to account? That’s a nonsense which goes against human instinct.

How many times have you heard anyone say they don’t enjoy the feeling of achievement?

Or express delight in a static working set-up?

Which makes the results from a 2021 poll all the more surprising. It reveals less than 40% of employees feel ‘very confident’ that their organisation values them and will support them in achieving individual professional success.

If I asked the question of our team here, I’d feel confident of an emphatically positive response to how supported they feel in this arena.

And there’s a big demand for learning investment. A 2016 survey of millennial workers showed that an overwhelming 87% of respondents said learning opportunities are a major consideration in job satisfaction.

And it’s not all one-way traffic. The rewards to a company of investing in the opportunities for people to learn, grow and develop their skills, their confidence and industry understanding, truly pays dividends.

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Pinstone team

Pinstone is the successful agency we are today because of our approach to developing our people.

For me, it’s about mindset and a certain humility in recognising that none of us are the ‘be all and end all’. That means embracing, not fighting, constructive criticism – at all levels of the team – and recognising that we all have areas of development. Of course, we won’t all have the same ones – and wouldn’t it be a boring world if we did.

Once that fundamental mindset is enshrined, the rest follows, and a new culture permeates. It should be part of the company norm for people to feel at ease to put their hand up, admit they need help and for others to be willing to share and support colleagues.

In the same vein, there’s nothing more gratifying then having the opportunity to give others the benefits of learning from an experience and passing on that wisdom.

The give and take of a healthy workplace learning environment makes for better collaboration and leads to better results.

For those seeking an organisation that will give the opportunity to learn and grow, here are some questions to ask…

  1. Do you have an induction programme?
  2. Is there an appraisal set-up and how does this allow for support for individual growth between the formal meetings?
  3. What is the culture of your organisation?
  4. What’s the evidence the people in your organisation can grow and aspire to stepping up the ladder?
  5. Do you have a training budget?

And don’t be fooled into thinking that these traits are the reserve of big corporates. The best small organisations will take this approach and reflect a thriving, growing and happy workplace culture.

Check out the Pinstone careers page if you’re seeking to develop in a PR role with a dynamic and forward-looking company that’s committed to investing in its people.

Sources: Gallup / Training Industry

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