Privilege Finance

The brief

Pinstone and Privilege Finance have a long-standing PR relationship spanning five years.

Throughout this time, Pinstone’s core aim has been to profile the breadth of Privilege’s financial and technical knowledge and expertise to renewable energy industry sector peers and influencers, government bodies, NGOs, farmers and landowners.

The result

Over the five years we have successfully delivered a targeted content campaign across national trade publications and online platforms, reaching over 2 million people.

This has included the delivery of an industry manifesto to raise awareness of renewable energy technology as a solution to climate change; and an ‘innovation award’ targeted at students, to attract new talent into the industry.

Privilege Finance manifesto

Why an industry manifesto?

Having already established a reputation as leading funders for renewable energy technology through PR, Privilege aspired to showcase energy from waste as part of the solution to climate change and carbon reduction.

The manifesto provided a launch platform to communicate this message, positioning them as thought leaders on the subject while showcasing their commitment to garnering support and providing solutions to overcoming these challenges.

Online, Privilege’s manifesto has been viewed by over 1,300 times, with visitors to the site staying ‘on-page’ for over 3 minutes, 14 seconds.


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