What I’ve learned in 16 years of heading up our PR agency, Pinstone

1) Know yourself, know others and work together. Collectively we deliver exceptional results.

2) Respect is earned and its depth won’t always be apparent or freely expressed – but is all the more valuable when it is.

3) Integrity is a great compass.

4) A successful business equates to giving your people security and opportunities.

5) Systems offer clarity and continuity and underpin every great business.

6) Reach for help when you really need it – you’ll be surprised at the response.

7) Data and evidence is your friend – embrace, document and measure.

8) Take the time to understand and interrogate – a solution will become apparent.

9) Clients welcome a challenge – just be diplomatic about your approach.

10) Everyone has it in them to take their career journey to the next step if they believe in themselves.

11) Always be receptive to fresh thinking and new ideas.

12) As a leader it is ok to be a human too.

13) Always be willing to flex and make changes, but also to be decisive.

14) Know the benefits of slowing down and taking time for big picture thinking.

15) Never underestimate the importance of saying thank you.

16) Make time to celebrate success. It’s all too easy to keep looking forward in the fast-paced PR world.


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Pinstone Sweet 16

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