Widespread media exposure contributed to policy milestones, pioneering sustainable energy solutions for Rural Britain

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2023 Media coverage Liquid Gas

The client

Liquid Gas UK is the trade body for LPG gas and renewable liquid gases industry. The association’s members supply 99% of the UK’s LPG off-grid supply and has set the goal for the sector to transition to 100% renewable sources by 2040.

Client goals

To influence the policy agenda by highlighting the practical limitations and affordability of the UK Government’s ‘electric first’ decarbonisation strategy, advocating for a fair approach to decarbonisation of the rural sector.

What we delivered

An extensive media and digital campaign included targeted media coverage across key B2B and B2C titles and digital platforms, aiming to enhance awareness and sway stakeholder and policymaker confidence towards sustainable energy solutions.

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The results achieved

Elevating the conversation about equitable decarbonisation for rural communities delivered widespread media exposure and digital engagement and contributed to notable policy milestones and awareness of renewable LPGs.

The UK Government’s Biomass Strategy acknowledged the adoption of ‘drop-in’ renewable liquid gases in heating systems and in a positive development for the industry, the government’s decision to postpone the off-grid boiler ban to 2035 offered a much needed time window to the industry.

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