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Stakeholder mapping & relations

Mapping and keeping tabs on the people and organisations with influence

Stakeholder landscape

Every organisation has its stakeholders that fundamentally includes everyone that somehow has interest, and/or power over the industry or environmental landscape in which it works. A thorough understanding of this landscape and getting involved in the meetings, events and engaging with online and digital activity, is important.

Applying insight

Stakeholders can be many and varied, ranging from the peripheral to highly instrumental. With the experience of navigating the landscape, our team will apply their knowledge to rank and prioritise the different groups, whether they are from the policy making and parliamentarian side of the fence, or represent trade, academic, commercial or media interests.

Reviewing and revisiting

Stakeholder mapping is never a completed exercise and is always open for review, reassessment and repositioning. New players come on the scene, others may fall away, or more likely, there are shifting positions according to the political, trade and legislative landscape. Our teams retain a watching brief and feed this into the ever-evolving mapping exercise.

Creating the map

Stakeholder identification and a mapping exercise that delivers a ‘360’ view of the influencer landscape is a vital first step in any public affairs initiative. It’s an exercise that’s best started with a collective brainstorm and that evolves into a sustained campaign to stay up-to-date in the face of an ever-shifting stakeholder environment.

Relationship management

Researching and digging out those all-important ‘touchpoint’ opportunities, we recognise the necessity for developing a plan and ensuring that we’re equipped with meaningful reasons for making contact with key stakeholders. The PR skill-set comes into play in the creativity required in the use of differing communication formats, approaches and having a way with words.


The team has got a great relationship with Pinstone – it’s clear you really understand our market and our audiences.

Chief Executive, OF&G (Organic Farmers & Growers)

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