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Influencer events

A platform to launch, connect, engage and make some noise

Public affairs events

Hosting an event within a public affairs brief, brings people together and is an opportunity to extend influence beyond those on the invitation list. An event can take any shape or size, venue or location. Pinstone can advise on all these aspects to ensure the occasion delivers on all fronts.

The right formula

Designing an event format starts from the point of what it’s intended to achieve and working back from there. Every event will take its own shape, but we’ll typically support in every stage of the planning, adding some creative flair, advising upon and inviting along some respected industry names and perhaps even attracting a celebrity name, or other crowd-pulling tactics.

Keeping track

Events demand top level organising skills, something our team can offer in abundance. Developing plans, timelines and a tenacious approach keeps the event planning process on track and ensures the preparations all go smoothly.

Adding kudos

Creating an event that generates impact, requires insight, the right connections and a compelling message. Our relationships and experience ensures that the influencer events we support, attract the variety of content and the speakers, delegates and media who count.

Making it happen

We’re skilled in our attention to detail, adding all the small touches and taking the care over every facet of the event. The preparation provides ‘on the day’ reassurance, but also the confidence that anything unexpected is swiftly handled by our resourceful, fast-thinking and fast-acting team.


Pinstone is great at proactively picking up a seed of an idea and pushing it forward – they do all the legwork and get some brilliant results. That really does add value.

CEO, BASIS Registration

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