Reacting with quick turn-around, topical and compelling content.

Impactful content

Generating content that engages in the hot political topics that impact our clients and their customers, ensures that we’re on the radar of the media and the influencers that count. This creates a virtuous circle of dialogue, engagement, advocacy and grounded opinion, with a lasting impact.

No surprises

Working with clients throughout the calendar year we take a forward-looking approach. The issues, news events or opinions being raised in the public domain will rarely be a surprise. The best agency relationships are generated where we’re embraced as an ‘extension of the team’. Our advice fits with the brand and strikes the right approach, with the right message.

On the ball

Understanding the importance of responding to news or comment from an influential source, our team is primed to react at short notice. This means we can ‘steal the march’ on the conversation. This could be in the form of a short and snappy social media post, a Q&A or an infographic. We can also work with you to generate an opinion piece or in-depth feature article.

Advancing dialogue

We’re skilled in the conversational techniques that move a discussion on. So, for the right topic, the content we’re producing will add insight, fact, reference papers or reports. This helps to truly advance the message and not just piggyback the dialogue.

Expert profile

In cultivating a thought-leadership position, the quality and frequency of engagement will promote a trusted and respected expert profile. This ensures that we’re proactively approached in the planning stages of editorial, broadcast or other media piece or programme. There’s nothing like receiving those calls, or working with our media contacts to flesh out a story that delivers on all counts.


We absolutely chose the right partner in Pinstone. You’ve got the skills and the counsel to support the external positioning of FIIN (Food Industry Intelligence Network) and the depth of understanding to strike the balance with a client that’s made up of a collective of retailers, manufacturers and processors.

Food Group Technical and Sustainability Director, ABP

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