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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Top the Google rankings with PR, great content and influence in the right places.

Prioritising quality content

SEO is often viewed as a job for back-office analysts and coders, but today’s search engines have overcome the technician’s tricks and prioritise the most respected, engaging and authoritative digital sources and content.

SEO for PR

The two disciplines have never been closer. Google today will reward websites for their thought leadership content and, in part, that’s measured by how those outside the organisation respond, connect to and engage in its content. We get involved by optimising content and the outreach of PR and by carefully shaping web copy and forging links with credible online sources.

Keyword research

We combine data-driven keyword research with our creative thinking to come up with solutions to developing new content and to answer the questions that surround the issues your PR campaigns are championing.

Content marketing

Answering the questions that your audiences want to know the answers to sounds simple but will often defy some of the strongest brands. We can identify the questions and wordsmith your answers to provide content that most strongly applies to your service.

Domain authority

Our background in PR and Digital PR perfectly positions us to help increase your website's domain authority through healthy and organic backlinks. We look beyond link-building to run creative campaigns that earn links, citations and trust for your website and the SEO potential.

Retaining the audience

Embarking on a sustained SEO campaign isn’t a quick fix, but is a proven solution to maintaining a top search engine positioning and evolving content over time. It’s also a means of retaining interest by designing a content pyramid that provides layers of information that hold attention and build on story.

SEO reporting

Equipped with a suite of SEO analytics and reporting tools, progress is continually monitored, showcasing return on investment and a responsive approach to be taken as search engines continue to evolve content ratings.


Collaboration with Pinstone has added a new dimension to our approach to marketing and has enhanced Wynnstay’s presence. Their professional approach has made a significant contribution to our strategic marketing campaigns.

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