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Paid outreach & advertising

Boosting campaign exposure with well-directed advertising.

Strategic advertising

Advertising has its place within an integrated communications campaign. The trick is knowing where to put it and when; how much to spend, and over what period of time

How ads fit

Understanding if a campaign merits advertising is the first step and will depend on the strategy and what it aims to achieve. Factors such as the importance of brand, the specific target sector and how established a concept is are all considerations and need to be factored against the budget, appetite for other routes and the timeline for getting results

Scheduling campaigns

Reactionary advertising rarely works. But if there’s a strategy behind a campaign then that will direct much of the planning phase. Social media advertising can be more responsive, but it’s still important that it’s assigned to the right platform and linked to the right posts, people or content for maximum exposure. We will advise on the right mix of channels from across the spectrum of traditional print advertising, social media advertising and other forms of digital advertising and paid-for opportunities at key events or conferences.

Media partnerships

Partnering with the right title and working together for mutual gain offers huge opportunity for the right campaign, but there are pitfalls. Negotiating the package, agreeing the concept and executing the delivery are all areas where we can help; as well as through directing and coordinating the production of all the elements of content.

Measuring and responding

Advertising campaigns are no longer static. Digital and social media advertising permits continual monitoring and the opportunity to respond to the advertising messages, formats or creative designs that prove most popular. Our team’s work doesn’t stop when the ad campaign is signed-off, but we’ll keep a close eye on ensuring responsiveness is not to the detriment of the strategy.


"Media outreach has been hugely successfully. Your team’s familiarity and knowledge of the industry is what is so important to us."


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