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Media outreach, relations & coverage

Outreach that gets attention and a meaningful outcome

Attracting coverage

Our heritage is rooted in generating story ideas that attract media attention, gain media coverage and build credible and enduring relationships with the influencers that count.

Spotting the story

Because we invest in our understanding of our clients’ sectors, their markets, the audiences and the client offer, we’ve honed our expertise in coming up with the story angles and press release hooks that get results.

Creating the story

For the stories that won’t sell themselves and in generating ideas for the next, fresh new campaign, we apply a formula and a team brainstorm approach that taps into the issues and topical themes of the day, adding a sparkle of creativity and out-of-the-box thinking.

Balance and credibility

Integrity is a key value of ours that fits really well with understanding what the media looks for in presenting a story with balance. We’re here to ensure our clients understand the context of good PR and good journalese. The upshot is strong credibility on all fronts.

Building relationships

Getting through to and in front of busy editors and reporters can be a challenge; but one that we’re well versed in overcoming. We’re proud of our reputation with our contacts across the online, print and broadcast editorial desks, encompassing national, sector specific and regional titles.

Thought leadership

Generating a thought-leadership platform is a favoured approach for many clients seeking to differentiate and add value to their brand. We’re experts in presenting an authentic approach to developing and nurturing an individual or team profile of this kind, that’s facilitated through media and other channels.

Evaluating outreach

Measuring the results of media coverage alone doesn’t tell the whole story. We prefer to link results to the strategy behind a communications campaign and the organisation’s performance, drawing on metrics or other evidence that showcases a shift in awareness or attitudes and that key messages have truly resonated.


"Their contacts, and client list is incredible, and their networking has allowed us to pitch our ideas in a way that the producers really got, hence securing the slot with the BBC this August."

Severn Trent Water

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