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Crisis & reputation management

Injecting confidence into a crisis or reputation management situation.

Crisis handled

There’s nothing better than the reassurance that comes with having prepared for the unexpected; being equipped to respond with confidence, and with the knowledge that expert support is on-hand through the entire process.

Preparing resources

This may take the form of an initial audit, an interactive workshop with the team and developing a crisis management resources pack; or it may be a simple protocol and testing that the internal communication process is robust. We can tailor an approach that’s right for you.

Preparing the team

Assigning a spokesperson who’s well versed in the issues and company position and who’s media trained is important. But equally, the ‘front line’ reception desk through to the wider team should understand how their roles can interact with a crisis management situation and how to respond in the event of an expected approach.

Dealing with the media

Acting as a gatekeeper to media enquiries can provide time for a considered response and ensure that the right questions are asked in advance of the spokesperson’s involvement to ensures maximum insight and to guard against unexpected surprises.

Monitoring and reporting

Keeping tabs on the level of attention being directed to issues of relevance in the public eye and the general mood around a subject area will direct our advice and recommended approach. That advice is backed-up by up-to-date monitoring of on-line and off-line news sources and regular analysis and reporting.

Media training

Bespoke training sessions to prepare your spokesperson for handling different media situations and interviews.

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