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Leveraging awards and event opportunities for PR profile

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PR opportunities abound at awards ceremonies and events. Join in with what’s going on in your industry or initiate your own.

Why awards?

Recognition for great work goes a long way towards building relationships and rewarding those you value. One way to do this is by instigating an awards initiative run by your organisation, or by leveraging someone else’s by entering your people – whether that’s staff, members, customers or affiliated groups – into a relevant award category.

Instigating an awards initiative

Creating and developing your own awards initiative can be tremendously rewarding for those on both sides of giving and receiving. If there’s an opportunity to take the lead, then we can support you through the whole process. This includes everything from identifying categories, selecting judges, planning the timings, organising a ceremony, guest speakers, invitations and sorting the logistics.

Entering awards

The best award submissions take time and experience to construct. Fundamentally it’s all about presenting the positive and developing an entry that stands out against the rest. For these very reasons, we are ideally suited to help structure and wordsmith your team’s award entries.

Why events?

An event of any scale is a PR opportunity. We’re here to advise on the forum, the timing, the content, the opinion formers to get along and how to roll it all out in a way that attracts attention in right places.


It’s been enlightening to have the status quo challenged and to develop a new strategic direction for our communications. We’re really positive about the outlook for our PR and the Pinstone team is impressing.

Head of UK & Ireland, Bayer Environmental Science

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