Tiger Turf

Digital content

The brief

The brief was to create content for digital platforms, showcasing thought leadership, promoting the business and products in action. This content is aimed at decision makers, industry influencers and end users within the sports (both professional and community) and landscape sectors. Behind the content there is a strategic plan to showcase their diverse product portfolio throughout the campaign.

Tiger Turf

The result

The result of our content generation is a suite of material that we can use across all of TigerTurf’s digital platforms, including their website blog, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and ebulletins. Having a bank of content enables us to post unique content frequently across their channels, to build awareness and engagement.

Why is digital content valuable?

Creating content through interviews, research, or via on-site visits is a valuable use of agency time which can build your digital footprint and help you achieve your SEO goals. Through sustained and
planned content generation we can create video footage and graphics for different platforms and scenarios, building photography, testimonials and case studies. These testimonials and case studies
can be used to feature in various editorial outputs across a multitude of online and offline publications. Having suitable, relevant and relatable content is at the heart of everything we do.

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