Disease? Not on my farm!

An MSD campaign

The brief

Central to the success of the Disease? Not on my Farm! preventative herd health initiative is the farmer ambassador peer-to-peer campaign that Pinstone conceptualised and established two years ago.

Our role is to identify, recruit and maintain a close relationship with the ambassadors, facilitating opportunities for them to share advice, best practice and disease management ideas to drive a positive industry conversation around preventative herd health on-farm through a multi-channel approach.

Disease? Not on my farm!

The result

We have secured 50+ editorial outputs over the course of the last two years using the ambassadors. These articles have always been issue led and we have woven the client’s key messages into the pieces.

The ambassador’s role on social media has also been pivotal in building the accounts engagement and following. Since the launch of the ambassador programme, the Disease? Not on my Farm! social media platforms have seen engagements in excess of 18,000 and 13,600 across Facebook and twitter respectively.

The farmer ambassadors play a key part in our content rich, communications approach and the wider success of the Disease? Not on my Farm! campaign can be attributed to their involvement.

Why are ambassadors important?

Third party endorsement, and authentic peer-to-peer conversations are vital to the success of a comms campaigns. Having an ambassador align with your messages, company ethos and vision provides an independent viewpoint which peers can relate to.

Ambassadors also provide us with a bank of great content which we can use to fit either the news agenda or the seasonality calendar.

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