Teaser campaign

The brief

As part of a teaser campaign in the run-up to the launch of a new initiative, we were asked to raise awareness and build momentum around an industry issue which the new initiative will address.

The aim of the farm visits was to capture content for multiple comms channels including social media, the website and in-print media.

We needed to showcase the issue of feed waste and underutilisation on-farm, demonstrate the areas where it commonly occurs on UK dairy units and highlight the financial opportunity behind these losses.


The result

We visited dairy farms across the UK interviewing farmers and the Alltech team about the issue of feed waste. From the visits, we have collated a bank of resources including videos, photographs and testimonials for use both now and later in the campaign.

Being out on farm and speaking to farmers face-to-face is a great opportunity to interrogate the heart of the story and capture dynamic content that really helps us to bring stories to life and that resonates with the target audience.

Why a teaser campaign?

With good content and adequate time, a teaser campaign is a valuable way to pave the ground prior to a product or initiative launch.

For Alltech and KEENAN, their initiative looks at the value of feed waste on dairy farms. The teaser campaign has been supported by data from a pilot study and its key objective is to get farmers thinking about feed waste and underutilisation on their farm and encourage uptake of the new initiative once it’s launched.

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