Natasha Smith

As part of my role, I closely monitor what’s happening in my clients’ various sectors, both in the news and politically. Continuing to follow what’s going on in industry is key to developing original ideas for editorial angles and wider PR campaigns.

I work on a range of editorial outputs both in the agricultural and renewables sectors. These range from news style press releases to detailed features which accurately communicate technical content to various audiences, including farmers, vets and industry specialists.

I also enjoy creating new and fresh content for social media. As well as writing the content, I like to get out and about to capture great video content and imagery to enhance engagement and maximise the outreach from every channel. I’m proud of developing a social media account from scratch, growing the follower base from zero and consistently revitalising tactics to ensure the client’s priority messages are delivered while boosting engagement levels.

Before joining Pinstone, I completed an MSc in Sustainable and Food Security at the Royal Agricultural University. My aspiration to work in this sector is developed from an interest in the environment and how food is produced, plus a love of food itself!

Outside of work I enjoy singing in the local community choir, walking in the Herefordshire and Shropshire countryside and meeting up with friends and family.

Tash Smith

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