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Stewardship initiatives have become a niche service, and we’re proud to have the most extensive communications agency experience in this area.

Stewardship Case Study: Say NO to Drift

We recognise that farmers must increasingly balance the need to protect their crops from damaging pests, weeds and diseases, with the necessity to demonstrate ‘best practice’ in the application of pesticides. Our clients typically represent consortiums of crop protection manufacturing companies keen to raise awareness and instigate changes in practices.

The Say NO to Drift initiative was an extensive campaign that engaged farmers, spray operators, advisers and other industry influencers. We created a brand, advised on the most appropriate channels and messages to communicate with, and subsequently organised numerous event stands, along with a programme of workshops and press briefings. The knowledge base of key industry stakeholders has been improved as a result.

“By meeting all project expectations, maintaining an open dialogue with campaign management,proactively proposing new ideas and refinements, the Pinstone team always provide excellent customer support.”

Tom Lyall, EU Government Affairs Leader, Dow AgroSciences